Our Mission

Our Mission: Making a Big Impact on the Lives of Little Ones

At Dr. Bender’s office, we understand that motivating your children to stay disciplined in oral hygiene can be a great challenge. As your pediatric dentist, Dr. Bender seeks to educate you as the parent and your child to understand and care about the health of their teeth.

Here is our promise to you:

  • Your children will receive specialized and comprehensive dental care, delivered with compassion in a friendly environment and maintained at the highest quality.
  • Your child’s total health and wellness are our priorities.
  • Using the principles of preventative dentistry, we will strive to educate you and your child on effective oral hygiene to help develop a discipline of health for the rest of their life.
  • Working as a team, we will strive to maintain a pleasant environment, gentle touch, and friendly attitude so that your child walks away from their visit with a healthy mouth and positive view of dentistry.
  • We will operate our practice on the principles of respect, trust, teamwork and unity.
  • We are committed to our relationship with our patients and their parents, providing every opportunity to grow in understanding of dental care and oral health.
  • We will keep you (the parent) involved in the treatment and care of your child (our patient).

We understand the impact that we can have of your child’s health and outlook on dental care. Through compassionate care and effective dentistry, we hope to provide them with a healthy mouth and strong ettique for oral care that follow thems for the rest of their lives.

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